Graveyard Lower Tombs - Bodhi Confrontation 1 (AR0808)

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Note: This is a walkthrough for the final confrontation with Bodhi during chapter six. You will have already explored these tombs earlier in the game when you battled Lassal, but there are many notable changes this time around. If you still need to explore any of the lower areas of the map, refer to our Graveyard Lower Tombs 1 walkthrough.

1 - Arrival

A group of Vampires will attempt to defend their mistress Bodhi by confronting your party here. A strong force of summoned creatures will help you to quickly dispatch the Vampires and avoid being leveled drained.

2 - Vampire Coffins

Just as you did during your first visit to these tombs, you can use wooden stakes on the Vampires that have retreated to these coffins to finish them off once and for all. This will earn you 9000 experience points for each one you permanently slay.

3 - Drizzt and Company

If you asked Drizzt for help after leaving the Elven Camp earlier in chapter six, this is where he and his band of adventurers will appear to help you out. After slaying the Vampires that guard this room, Drizzt will send the rest of his party back to the surface and follow you as an uncontrollable helper.

Once all of the Vampires in the room have been taken care of, use a vial of Holy Water (you got some from Elhan, right?) to cleanse the pool of blood in the room. This will weaken the rest of the Vampires so that you can take them down more easily.

4 - More Vampires

Four more Vampires await your party in this chamber. If you've killed all of the undead resistance at areas #1 through #3, then the door leading down to area #6 will pop open when you finish off these final four Vampires. However, there are still some undead to be dealt with on this level, so make your way to area #5 if you're looking for additional experience.

5 - Bleeding Room

This room is full of undetectable (and very powerful) spike traps and is home to several Vampire Mists. To avoid trap damage, use one strong party member to venture in and pull the several Vampire Mists to the rest of your party out in the hallway. Once all of the creatures have been slain, search the pool of blood in the center of the chamber to find a pair of Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise and a single Wooden Stake.

6 - Exit to Bodhi's Inner Sanctum

These stairs lead down to the Bodhi Confrontation 2 level.