Underdark Exit (AR2500)

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When you arrive here from the Underdark (Exit A), you'll be taken to Elhan (#1), the leader of the elves in the area. No matter what you say to him, you'll learn that Irenicus has finally made his way to Suldanessellar, and that somehow he's caused the city to vanish. Elhan will then inform you that an artifact called the Rhynn Lanthorn would allow you to see the city, only it's missing as well. You'll speculate that Bodhi must have stolen it, and Elhan will give you four Wooden Stakes and thee Elven Holy Waters to help you combat her.

Note: If you attack Elhan, then he'll immediately kill your main character, forcing you to load your game.

You won't find anything else to do in the area, but the first time you exit it, you'll run into Drizzt Do'Urden and his companions Bruenor, Catti-Brie, Guenhwyvar, Regis, and Wulfgar. If you're polite to them, then they'll agree to help you against Bodhi. If you attack them, then you'll have a thoroughly tough fight on your hands, but if you're successful then you'll earn 33,400 xp, and you'll find Aegis-Fang +3, Icingdeath +3, Mithral Chain Mail +4, Mithral Field Plate +2, a Ruby Pendant of Beguiling, Tansheron's Bow +3, and Twinkle +3 on their corpses. Of course, at some point later Malchor Harpell will visit you, and he'll take all of the equipment back. There isn't much you can do about Malchor, so there isn't any point in attacking Drizzt, unless you're just looking for a challenge.

After defeating Bodhi, when you deliver the Rhynn Lanthorn to Elhan, he'll use it to track down the entrance to Suldanessellar, which will turn out to be in the Forest of Tethir. Arriving at the entrance will earn each character in your party 74,500 xp. Going through the entrance will end the chapter.

1 - Elhan

2 - General Sovalidaas

  1. Exit to the Underdark.