When you meet with Korgan in the Copper Coronet in the Slums District, he'll tell you that he's been hired to retrieve the Book of Kaza for a collector named Pimlico. If you agree to help him, then he'll join you. Two days later, if you haven't started searching for the book yet, then Korgan will complain at you, but he won't actually leave your party unless you dismiss his concerns. Korgan won't complain again after that, so the quest isn't in any way timed.

Korgan will tell you that the book is located in in the Lower Tombs beneath the Graveyard District. However, when you reach the correct tomb (in the southern part of level 2), you'll discover that it's already been ransacked by Korgan's former team, and that the book's guardians -- a mummy and two skeleton warriors -- are now awake and angry. You'll earn 11,000 xp for defeating the guardians, plus 11,250 xp for finding the tomb.

Korgan will be incensed, and he'll suggest that you head to Pimlico's estate in the Temple District so you can intercept his former team before they can sell the book. But when you arrive, you'll discover that you're too late. Pimlico will be dead, and the book will be nowhere in sight. Seeing the carnage in Pimlico's estate will earn you 8750 xp.

This time Korgan will suspect that his former team is now celecrating on the roof of the Copper Coronet. When you show up there, you'll find the former team -- Shagbag, Scrooloose, Crazyface, and two anonymous goons -- loitering next to Borinall's house. They'll insult Korgan, and Korgan will insult them back, and then the fight will be on.

You'll receive over 6000 xp for winning the battle, and when you loot the corpses, you'll find the Book of Kaza and about 500 gp. The Book of Kaza isn't needed for anything else in the game, so you can safely sell it for an additional 1350 gp.