Jaheira and Baron Ployer

The first time you enter the Sea's Bounty Tavern in the Docks District, you'll meet the ex-slaver Baron Ployer, who will blame Jaheira and another Harper named Belgrade for exposing his misdeeds and causing his ruination. He'll then summon in three mages, and they'll curse Jaheira before departing. The curse will cause Jaheira to waste away. Each day, she'll lose a point a Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, and Intelligence, plus take increasing health damage, and after nine days, she'll die.

Note: If you resurrect Jaheira after she dies, then she'll just die again the next day.

To save Jaheira's life, you'll need to remove the curse, which will require that you learn more about Ployer's activities. You'll have three leads for this:
  • Visit Bernard in the Copper Coronet in the Slums District. He'll inform you that Belgrade recently succumbed to a wasting illness just like Jaheira's. He'll also mention that Belgrade's body was found on the eastern side of the Slums District.

  • Visit Corneil in the Council of Six Building in the Government District. He won't know anything about Ployer or the mages he hired. But when you leave the building, you'll run into Terrence, the leader of the mages. Terrence will tell you that he doesn't like working for Ployer, and that if you pay him 1000 gp, then he and his fellows will stay out of the matter in the future. If you have Charisma 13, then you can reduce this price to 500 gp. You can also pay Terrence 2000 gp to kill Ployer for you.

    If you pay Terrence to stay away, then you'll earn 10,250 xp. If you pay Terrence to kill Ployer, then you'll earn 19,750 xp. To maximize your xp from the quest, you should pay Terrence to stay away and then negotiate with Ployer (see below).

  • Search for Ployer's house in the Slums District. You'll find Ployer in the derelict house on the eastern side of the district (appropriately, right next to the Slaver Stockade).
When you encounter Ployer, one of three scenarios will play out:
  • If you didn't pay off Terrence, then eventually Ployer will call for his hirelings, and Terrence, Gracien and Malacazar will teleport in to help him. You'll earn 18,000 xp for defeating the quartet, and you'll find a Lock of Jaheira's Hair, Bracers of Defense AC 6: Bracers to the Death, a Cloak of Protection +1, and more when you loot their corpses.

  • If you paid Terrence to stay away, then when Ployer calls for his hirelings, nothing will happen. This will give you two options. If you reason with Ployer, then he'll agree to end his vendetta, and he'll give you the Lock of Jaheira's Hair, but Jaheira will kill him anyway for murdering Belgrade. This path will earn you 21,250 xp. If instead of negotiating with Ployer you simply attack him, then you'll earn 6000 xp when he dies, and you'll find the Lock of Jaheira's Hair on his corpse.

  • If you paid Terrence to kill Ployer, then when Ployer calls for his hirelings, they'll portal in and dispatch him. You won't earn any xp for this, but you'll find the Lock of Jaheira's Hair on Ployer's corpse.
Regardless of your choice, you'll end up with a Lock of Jaheira's Hair. Picking it up will cure Jaheira of her curse -- more or less, you'll still need to wait for 24 hours for it to disappear completely -- and earn you 21,250 xp.

Jaheira and Harper Hold

At some point after completing the Harper Hold quests in the Docks District, a woman named Meronia will show up and summon Jaheira away on Harper business. No matter what you say to Jaheira, she'll leave your party. However, to get her back, you'll just need to rest. When Jaheira returns, she'll tell you that you'll need to accompany her to Harper Hold, but she won't tell you why. There isn't a time limit for this, but Jaheira will nag at you (up to three times) if you don't make the trip quickly enough.

When you return to Harper Hold (aka the Galvarey Estate), Galvarey himself will be there to question you. No matter what you say to him, he'll put a negative spin on things, and he'll decide that you need to be "confined." Jaheira will disagree with this, and when the fight starts up, she'll take your side rather than Galvarey's (unless you dismiss her for getting you into this, and then she'll simply leave).

The fight against Galvarey's Harpers should not be too difficult. Just take down Bessen (invoker) and Nadinal (conjurer) first, and then deal with the rest. You'll earn 12,500 xp for winning the battle, and you'll find Bracers of Defense AC 6: Bracers to the Death (x2), a Cloak of Protection +1, a Katana +1, Plate Mail +1, a Quarterstaff +1, a Ring of Wizardry: Reaching Ring, a Short Sword +1, and a Two-Handed Sword +1.

A few days later, you'll be stopped by Reviane, who will seek to deliver "Harper justice." If your Reputation is high enough, and if you speak diplomatically, then Reviane will leave peaceably. Otherwise, she'll attack you. You might want to fight Reviane regardless, because she and her Harper buddies will drop a Halberd +2, lots of +1 equipment, including two Rings of Protection +1: Rings of the Princes and a Cloak of Protection +1, and several potions and scrolls. Defeating Reviane's party will also net you 13,000 xp.

At some point after encountering Reviane, you'll be stopped by Dermin Courtierdale, Jaheira's former mentor with the Harpers. No matter what you say during the conversation, Jaheira will renounce the Harpers, and Dermin will leave. However, if you threaten Jaheira or insult the Harpers, then Jaheira will leave as well, and you won't see her again. A short time later, you'll meet Dermin again. This time he'll let you know that the Harpers have ordered Jaheira's execution, and that she should return with him to Harper Hold so she can stand trial. Jaheira will tell Dermin that she'll think about it.

The next time you rest in the wilderness, Jaheira will disappear from your party, and a traveler named Terminsel will give you a note that he supposedly found nearby. When you read the note, you'll discover that it's from Jaheira, and that she's gone back to Harper Hold in the Docks District to face her fellow Harpers.

When you follow Jaheira to Harper Hold, you'll encounter a trio of mercenaries on the ground floor of the building. They'll attack you on sight, but they should go down pretty easily. You'll earn 8000 xp for defeating them, and you'll find Studded Leather Armor +1 on their corpses. Then when you go upstairs, you'll find Jaheira waiting for you. She'll mention that Harper Hold is no longer a home to Harpers -- "true Harpers have abandoned this garish place" -- and she'll wonder if Dermin set her up. Then she'll rejoin your party.

When you attempt to exit Harper Hold, you'll run into another group of mercenaries. This one will have five enemies, including a mage, so it'll be a little bit tougher than the first one, but it still shouldn't cause you too many problems. You'll earn 13,000 for defeating the mercenaries, and you'll find Bracers of Defense AC 7, a Flail +1, Heart of the Golem +2, Leather Armor +1, and a Sling +1 on their corpses.

At some point later, you'll run into Dermin (bard) again. This time he won't mess around, and he'll attack you along with four of his Harper cronies: Chrost (fighter / cleric), Jeremon (conjurer), Lennah (necromancer), and Thenry (fighter). As always, try to take down the mages first, and then deal with the rest. You'll earn 14,500 xp for winning the battle, and you'll find an assortment of low-level magical items on the corpses, including an Amulet of Protection +1: The Protector, Bracers of Defense AC 5, a Cloak of Protection +1, and a Ring of Protection +1: Ring of the Princes.

A long time later, Terminsel will show up again. He'll ask Jaheira if she did the right thing when facing the Harpers. If your Reputation is high enough (at least 10 if you're romancing Jaheira, 15 otherwise), then Jaheira will decide that she did, and Terminsel will give her a Harper Pin (that only she can wear). Otherwise, if your Reputation is too low, then Jaheira will express doubts about her actions, and she won't receive the pin. But either way, if you're romancing Jaheira, then your main character will earn 100,000 xp.

At the end of the conversation, Jaheira will mention that Terminsel seems to be fond of anagrams, and you might realize that he's really Elminster.

Note: If you get tired of waiting for Terminsel to show up, then you can use the following console commands to spawn him: