At some point during the game, Beeloo Jansen will come up to Jan and tell him that his ex-girlfriend Lissa is currently staying at the family home in the Slums District, and that Jan should go there and talk to her. If you ask Jan about Lissa, then he'll reveal that she got swept off her feet by the bully Vaelag, and that she ended up marrying Vaelag instead of him.

Inside the Jansen home, Lissa will tell you that something is wrong with her daughter Jaella, possibly due to the beatings that Vaelag has given her. Jan won't be able to do anything for the girl, but he'll ask you to consult with his Uncle Gerhardt, who lives in the basement. At this point Jan will leave your party so he can stay with Lissa, and he'll let you know that Jaella only has ten days to live.

Note: If you take more than ten days to complete the quest, then Jan, Lissa and Jaella will disappear from the game, and you won't see them again.

In the basement, if you stay on topic with Gerhardt, then he'll inform you that Jaella has a "hurt of the mind," and that only someone who specializes in such maladies can cure her. To that end, he'll direct you to Lady Jysstev, who can lead you to an entity known as the Hidden. Completing this conversation will earn you 3300 xp.

You'll meet Lady Jysstev in her estate in the southern part of the Government District. She'll reveal that the Hidden doesn't like to be bothered, but she'll reluctantly arrange for you to meet with him in the Slums Sewers beneath the Copper Coronet. This will earn you 8900 xp.

You'll encounter the Hidden in the southwestern part of the Slums Sewers. He'll offer to help Jaella -- provided you do something for him first. He'll tell you that he's being hunted by "two creatures of evil intent," and he'll demand that you kill them. However, he won't know where they are, so he'll send you to the proprietor of the Sea's Bounty Tavern in the Docks District to learn their location.

On the bottom level of the Sea's Bounty Tavern, you'll meet the proprietor, who is known as the Thumb. When you tell him that you're a Seeker, he'll give you the location for your task: the upper floor of the Five Flagons Inn in the Bridge District. When you head over there, you'll encounter a pair of githyanki. They'll sense your intent, and they'll attack you. You'll earn 4000 xp for defeating them,

When you return to the Hidden in the Slums Sewers, he'll tell you that he's cured Jaella. You might also discover that he's a mind flayer. This will earn you 17,500 xp. At the end of the conversation, the Hidden will walk away and disappear from the game. If you manage to kill him before he disappears, then you'll earn 9000 xp. Killing the Hidden after he's cured Jaella won't change anything.

When you return to Jan in his house in the Slums District, you'll discover that Jaella is cured. But Lissa will decide to go back to Vaelag -- "he promised to change" -- and so the quest will end on a sour note. But you'll earn 15,500 xp for your efforts, and Jan will become available as a companion again.