Chapter 4
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You'll begin this chapter in Brynnlaw, the town adjacent to Spellhold, the asylum where Imoen is being kept. From talking to the people in town, you'll learn that there are two ways into Spellhold: stealing a wardstone from the local Cowled Wizard, or getting committed by the town's Pirate Lord. Both methods will work just as well.

Inside Spellhold, you'll quickly get captured by Jon Irenicus, who will proceed to steal your soul and strip you of your Bhaal powers. He'll also do the same thing to Imoen, and you'll learn that she's a child of Bhaal as well. Luckily, when Irenicus is through with you, he'll hand you over to his sister Bodhi to handle the disposal process. Bodhi will decide to play with you, and she'll send you to Spellhold Dungeon. While you're there, you'll transform into the Slayer, a new Bhaal power, and this will scare Bodhi away.

But you won't be out of the woods yet. You'll have to work your way through some Spellhold Tests to prove that you're sane, and then you'll need to rally the other inmates of the asylum to your cause so you can confront Irenicus en masse. This will scare Irenicus away as well, giving you full run of the asylum.

At this point, you'll run into Saemon Havarian, the sea captain who transported you to Brynnlaw. He'll tell you that Irenicus is heading to Suldanessellar, and he'll offer to sail you there. If you accept Saemon's offer, then you'll have to return to Brynnlaw and steal the Pirate Lord's ship, and use it to make the voyage. However, while you're on your way, you'll get attacked and capsized, and you'll end up in the City-of-Caverns before moving on to the Underdark. If you reject Saemon's offer, then you'll have to use Irenicus' secret portal in Spellhold to travel to the Underdark directly. Working with Saemon is more profitable. Using the portal is quicker.