Chapter 9
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You'll begin this chapter in Amkethran. When you head over to the local monastery, you'll be blocked from going inside, but Balthazar will meet you out front. He'll inform you that Melissan has already left the city, and he'll tell you where you can find Abazigal and Sendai, two of Yaga-Shura's remaining Bhaalspawn allies. This will add Abazigal's Lair and Sendai's Enclave to your world map.

Before heading off, you might want to explore the city, which you'll learn has been seeing troubled times. A handful of people will tell you that the local monks used to help out, but that now under Balthazar's leadership they're preparing for war and ignoring the people. Some will blame Melissan for this, pointing out her influence over Balthazar, while others will simply blame Balthazar himself since he's a Bhaalspawn.

You can visit Abazigal's Lair and Sendai's Enclave in either order. When you defeat the first of the two Bhaalspawn, the Solar will summon you back to the Pocket Plane, and she'll educate you on your role in Alaundro's prophecy -- namely, that you're supposed to kill the other Bhaalspawn and prevent the prophecy from coming true, rather than sewing chaos in the world as the prophecy foretells. Then after the second Bhaalspawn, the Solar will inform you that five Bhaalspawn got together to defeat the others, with the aim of becoming demigods under Bhaal's rule. You'll learn that four of these Bhaalspawn were Illasera, Yaga-Shura, Abazigal and Sendai, with Balthazar being the only one remaining. You'll also witness a cut scene where Balthazar will capture Melissan and put her in prison.

At this point, Elminster will pay you a visit. He'll warn you about Balthazar, and he'll tell you that Saemon Havarian might know a way into the Amkethran Monastery, Balthazar's base of operations. There are actually two ways to get inside, both located in Amkethran:
  • If you talk to Saemon inside the smugglers' cave, then he'll reveal that he knows the pass phrases to get past the monastery's gate guards. Of course, when he gets you into the monastery grounds, he'll lead you into an ambush, and then he'll flee away.

  • If you talk to Saemon inside the smugglers' cave or Zakee Rafeha inside the Zephir tavern, then you'll learn about Faheed and Majira, who also want Balthazar dead. When you go to their house, they'll tell you that they have a key that will unlock a secret passage into the monastery. They'll then give you the key, or you can kill them or pickpocket them for it. The key will unlock a casket in the Cave of the Dead. Going through the casket will take you into the monastery.
When you confront Balthazar inside the Amkethran Monastery, he'll admit to being one of the five Bhaalspawn, but he'll claim that he only joined up so he could prevent the other four from fulfilling Alaundo's prophecy. He'll also claim that Melissan is the leader of the Five, and that for some reason she wants them dead as well. Finally, Balthazar will decide that you're too dangerous to let live, and he'll attack you.

When Balthazar dies, the Solar will summon you back to the Pocket Plane. This time she'll reveal that Melissan is really Amelyssan the Blackhearted, High Matriarch and Deathstalker of Bhaal, and that she's been collecting the essence from Bhaal's dead children so she can make herself the new Lady of Murder. Before you can face Melissan, you'll need to complete all five of the challenges in the Pocket Plane. Then when you leave for the Throne of Bhaal, the chapter will come to an end.