Chapter 1
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You'll begin the game locked in a cell in Irenicus' Dungeon. Imoen will set you free, and then you'll be able to free Jaheira and Minsc, whom you'll discover in similar cells nearby. As you explore the dungeon, you won't get many answers about who Irenicus is or why he imprisoned you, but you will meet the thief Yoshimo, who will offer to join you.

When you escape from the dungeon, you'll find yourself in Waukeen's Promenade. Imoen and Irenicus will fire some spells at each other, and they'll get arrested by the Cowled Wizards. When you ask around about the Cowled Wizards, nobody will know where they take their prisoners, and so you won't have any leads to follow. The chapter will end when you leave Waukeen's Promenade and head to the Slums District.