Forest of Tethir (TOB) (AR4000)

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This is where you'll begin in Throne of Bhaal (Chapter 8). Right away, you'll receive a notice to check your spells and equipment. This is good advice, especially if you just created a new character for the expansion pack. But even with an existing party, you'll probably need to rest so you can heal and memorize your spells.

When you click on any of the stone heads in the area (#1), they'll tell you a prophecy -- in rhyme, no less -- and they'll mention things like "war and bloodshed," "a hidden traitor," and "a false path." You'll automatically move to a clearing (#2), and the game will warn you to prepare for a fight. Soon after that, Illasera the Quick will show up, and she'll probably have four Black Reavers with her. Illasera will reveal that she's a child of Bhaal as well, and then she and her cohorts will attack you.

If you managed to buff up and perhaps place some traps before Illasera's arrival, then the battle should be pretty easy. You'll earn 10,000 xp for killing Illasera and 23,000 xp total for the Black Reavers, but the Reavers will flee when Illasera dies, and so you'll need to attack carefully to kill everybody. Or you can just focus on Illasera and end the battle as quickly as possible.

At the conclusion of the battle, you'll be summoned to a Pocket Plane in hell. All of the equipment dropped by your enemies -- an assortment of +1 and +2 items, plus Boots of Speed: The Paws of the Cheetah -- will follow you there, minus anything you might have managed to pick up first.

1 - Stone Heads

2 - Clearing