North Forest (TOB) (AR6400)

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1 - Starting Point

2 - Attacked Caravan

When you arrive on the map (#1), you'll be just in range to witness Yaga-Shura's soldiers attacking this caravan. You won't be able to save most of the merchants, but defeating the soldiers will earn you over 8000 xp. Afterwards, a merchant named Karthis al-Hezzar will come out of hiding and talk to you. You'll have three ways to respond to him:
  • You can kill Karthis. This will earn you 1000 xp, and you'll find over 5000 gp on Karthis' corpse, but you'll lose a bunch of Reputation, and you'll also lose Karthis as a shopkeeper.

  • You can ask Karthis for a reward. He'll give you 4240 gp.

  • You can tell Karthis that you were just glad to help. He'll give you 1000 gp, and you'll also earn a point of Reputation.
Karthis (if he's still alive) will then become a shopkeeper, and he'll have lots of things for sale: equipment (up to +3), potions, spell scrolls, and even some miscellaneous items, like a Gem Bag, a Potion Case, a Scroll Case, an Obsidian Ioun Stone, and a Rod of Resurrection.

3 - Fire Giants

These are the places where you're most likely to encounter fire giants (worth 16,000 xp each) plus assorted other enemies. Fire giants will always drop high quality gems when they die.