Saradush Prison (AR5006, AR5007)

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On Level 1 of the prison, you'll encounter lots of Vampires and Fledgling Vampires (both worth 8500 xp). You won't need any Wooden Stakes to finish them off. On Level 2, you'll encounter living creatures, including Elite Orcs (worth 650 xp) and Elite Orogs (worth 850 xp), but they should be easier to defeat.

When you reach Level 2 of the prison -- either from Level 1 (Exit B) or the Saradush Sewers (Exit C) -- each character in your party will earn 3000 xp.

1 - Entrance

This is where you'll start out if you hired a courtesan to bring you into the prison. For that case, you'll encounter four vampires here (worth 8500 xp each). The secret door on the western side of this chamber can't be opened.

2 - Prison Spirit

When you reach this spot in the prison (#2), you'll witness a spirit clutching his head. Nearby in a barrel, you'll find a Skull. Then later in the prison, you'll spot the spirit again. This time he'll act like he's putting on a necklace. In one nearby cell (#2a), you'll find a Rusted Amulet. In another (#2b), you'll find a defiled grave containing a headless skeleton.

To appease the spirit, you'll need to put the Skull and the Rusted Amulet into the cell with the skeleton (#2b). When you do, the spirit will appear again, and he'll motion that the grave is no longer sanctified. If you have Elven Holy Water with you, then you'll automatically pour it onto the grave. If you don't have any holy water, then you can buy some from Sister Farielle in the Temple of Waukeen in Saradush.

When you sanctify the grave, the spirit will appear one last time and lead you to a locked cell (#2c). You'll automatically follow him, and he'll open the door for you before departing. This will earn each character in your party 10,000 xp. Then inside the cell, you'll encounter an enemy vampire (worth 8500 xp), but you'll also find a Bronze Ioun Stone.

3 - Phlydian

In this small room, you'll encounter the vampire Phlydian. She'll be surprised to see you, and then she and two other vampires will attack. You'll earn 36,500 xp for defeating them.

Note: The main door to this room is locked and can only be picked with an Open Locks skill of at least 150. If you can't manage that, then you'll have to enter the room via the nearby secret door.

4 - Asmay Jahag

Around here, you'll meet the Bhaalspawn Asmay Jahag. She'll tell you that she's trying to escape from the city, and she'll warn you about the patrols, traps and alarms on this level of the prison.

5 - Prisoners

You'll discover a prisoner in each of these three cells. To rescue them, you'll just need to talk to them. This will earn you a point of Reputation for each one.

Of course, in the corridors around the cells, you'll have to deal with traps and patrolling guards. The guards will start out neutral, but if they spot you then they'll turn hostile and raise the alarm. So you can stay invisible and avoid the guards, or you can just attack them. For the latter option, you'll earn over 70,000 xp when they die, and you'll find some +1 and +2 items, plus some potions, on their corpses.

6 - Storage Room

Inside a locked chest in this room, you'll find Fflar's Scabbard, one of the components Cespenar in the Pocket Plane will need in order to craft Foebane +5.

  1. Exit to Saradush.
  2. Stairs between Level 1 and Level 2.
  3. Exit to the Saradush Sewers.
  4. Exit to Saradush Castle.