Saradush Sewers (AR5013)

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Nothing interesting will happen in the sewers, and you can skip this area entirely if you want, but if you grind your way through all of the trash fights and sell all of the equipment that the enemies drop (lots of +1 and +2 items), then you'll make a decent amount of xp and gp.

1 - Diggers and Shadows

At this spot, you'll encounter two Duergar Sappers, an Elite Orog, and two Orc Archers. They'll be digging for a way into the city, but when they spot you, they'll attack. At the same time, a bunch of Shadows and Shadow Fiends will swarm into the area, and they'll attack you and the diggers both. You can earn over 40,000 xp for defeating these enemies.

2 - Yaga-Shura Mages

These two mages are the most powerful enemies in the sewers. You'll earn 14,000 xp each for killing them.

  1. Exit back up to Saradush.
  2. Exit to Saradush Prison (Level 2).