Saradush Castle (AR5001, AR5002)

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1 - Warm-Up Battle

When you enter the castle from Saradush Prison (Exit A), the forces here -- four Il-Khan Soldiers and one Il-Khan Battle Mage -- will attack you. The battle mage might hit you with Time Stop and some symbols, but otherwise the battle should be straightforward. You'll earn over 70,000 xp for defeating the enemies.

2 - Gromnir Il-Khan

When you enter the throne room, you'll witness Gromnir accusing Melissan of treachery and of bringing in an assassin to kill him, and then he'll have her sent away -- perhaps to the prison where you just were. Then he'll notice you and attack, thus forcing you to fulfill his expectations.

When the battle starts up, you'll have Gromnir (kensai), Karun the Black (mage), and an Il-Khan Battle Mage on one side of you, and Berena Elkan (berserker), Eler Had (assassin), and an Il-Khan Soldier on the other side. We'd recommend sending your tank (and perhaps a summoned creature or two) to distract Gromnir and the mages while the rest of your party deals with Elkan, Had and the soldier. Then take down the final three one at a time.

Note: If you have trouble with the battle, then you can always retreat down to the Lower Level to heal up or wait for the spell buffs on the mages to run out.

You'll earn over 100,000 xp for defeating Gromnir and his allies, and when Gromnir falls, each character in your party will also earn 30,000 xp. Then when you loot the corpses, you'll find Full Plate Mail +2, Grandmaster's Armor +6, Ice Star +4, a Lavender Ioun Stone, Roranach's Horn, and more.

After the battle, Melissan will return. She'll tell you that the city still isn't safe -- that the only way to save it is to defeat Yaga-Shura in battle. But she'll warn you that Yaga-Shura regenerates too quickly to be killed, and so she'll recommend that you visit the North Forest, the Forest of Mir, and the Marching Mountains to learn more about him.

Note: To leave Saradush and return to the Pocket Plane, you'll just need to use your Pocket Plane ability.

  1. Exit to Saradush Prison.
  2. Stairs between the Lower Level and the Throne Room.
  3. Exit to Saradush.