Siege Camp (AR5203)

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This is a small area where you'll duke it out with Yaga-Shura. If you haven't yet completed Nyalee's quest from the Forest of Mir, then Yaga-Shura will be invulnerable, and your visit won't be very productive. Otherwise, when you arrive you'll learn that Saradush has been sacked (meaning you won't be able to go there anymore), but you'll be able to fight Yaga-Shura for real.

When you confront Yaga-Shura (#2), he'll be so confident about his chances that he'll throw a few taunts your way. But when he realizes that he can be wounded, he'll flee (and he'll become invulnerable again during this sequence, meaning you won't be able to kill him while he's running), and he'll leave you to his men. So quickly dispatch any who are nearby, and then search the camp to take out a few more, including a few officers. Soldiers will continually spawn during this time.

When Yaga-Shura returns, he'll gather his lieutenants to him, and he'll wait for you to show yourself. So you might need to wander through the camp to find him. Yaga-Shura isn't especially powerful without his invulnerability, so it shouldn't take you long to kill him. When you do, you'll earn 30,000 xp, and any soldiers still in the Siege Camp will make themselves scarce.

Right after Yaga-Shura dies, you'll be whisked back to the Pocket Plane, where the Solar will continue your "education" (and you'll learn that Gorion killed your mother). This will earn each character in your party 50,000 xp. Then when you're dumped back at the Siege Camp, Melissan will find you. She'll tell you that Yaga-Shura had two allies, Abazigal and Sendai, and she'll ask you to meet her in Amkethran so you can come up with a plan to defeat them. Completing this conversation will earn each character in your party an additional 15,000 xp.

Before rushing off to see Melissan, you should explore the camp and do some looting. You'll find some +1 and +2 items on the remains of Yaga-Shura's soldiers, and when you loot Yaga-Shura's corpse, you'll find a Runehammer +4, a Shield of the Order +4, and Shuruppak's Plate.

1 - Fleeing Peasants

When you reach this part of the bridge, you'll witness fleeing peasants being killed by soldiers. Nothing will happen if you save the peasants, but you'll earn 1950 xp for killing the soldiers.

2 - Yaga-Shura