The Oasis (AR6300)

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When you arrive here (#1), you'll be stopped by General Jamis Tombelthen and a contingent of Tethyrian soldiers. Tombelthen will accuse you of destroying Saradush, and he'll announce that "your execution has been ordered." He and his fellows will then attack you. None of the enemies here should be difficult for you to kill, but you'll have to face a lot of them, and they'll span from one side of the map to the other. So be prepared for a lengthy fight.

You'll encounter 30 enemies in all, and you'll earn about 140,000 xp for killing them. When you loot their corpses, you'll find lots of +2 and +3 items, plus The Answerer +4 on Tombelthen's corpse. You'll also find some documents of interest: a Note from Queen-Monarch Zaranda Rhindaun of Myratma ordering Tombelthen against you, and a handful of Bounty Notices showing that your life is currently worth 100,000 gp. Not bad.

When you exit the eastern side of the map, you'll be allowed to continue on to Amkethran.

1 - Starting Point