Watcher's Keep, Outside (AR3000)

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Note: You'll be able to visit Watcher's Keep in SOA during chapters 2, 3 and 6, and during TOB after completing Saradush. It's a high-level area, but it's conveniently laid out, with outside exits to all of its levels (Exits B through G), so it's easy to try it out and see how far you can go -- and then retreat if necessary.

At the base of the keep (#1), you'll meet the Knights of the Vigil: Brother Odren, Bother Pol, Sister Garlena, and three Vigil Knights. When you talk to Odren, he'll give you some background information about the keep -- namely, that it's a prison for "the most terrible foes of the gods," and that one of those foes, known only as the Imprisoned One, is close to breaking free. If you agree to help the knights, then they'll escort you to the top of the keep and open the way to Level 1 (Exit B).

At the top of the keep (#2), Brother Pol will give you two items: a Vigil Stone, which will allow you to enter and exit the keep, and a Ritual Scroll, which you'll need to read in the presence of the Imprisoned One to keep him locked up. Meanwhile, Sister Garlena will become a shopkeeper, and she'll sell you potions and spell scrolls, plus a Gem Bag, a Potion Case, Firetooth +4, and a Short Sword of Mask +4.

When you eventually make your way down to the Imprisoned One, you'll discover that the Knights of the Vigil weren't being completely honest with you. This will give you a few ways to conclude their quest. See the Level 6 page for more information.

1 - Base of Keep

2 - Top of Keep

  1. Staircase.
  2. Entrance to Level 1.
  3. Exit from Level 2.
  4. Exit from Level 3.
  5. Exit from Level 4.
  6. Exit from Level 5.
  7. Exit from Level 6.