Watcher's Keep, Level 6 (AR3020)

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When you arrive on this final level of the keep, you'll meet the Imprisoned One (#1). He'll try to convince you that Odren and the other Knights of the Vigil are playing you false, and that they're not really disciples of Helm at all. He'll also warn you that the Ritual Scroll won't do what you expect it to. It might seem like you have two choices here -- to use the scroll against the Imprisoned One or work with the Imprisoned One -- but you'll end up in the same place either way.

If you dismiss what the Imprisoned One says and read the scroll (by placing it into a quick items slot of one of your characters and activating it there), then you'll renew the seals on the Imprisoned One, and each character in your party will earn 80,000 xp. But when you head over to the exit portals (Exits A and B), you'll see that they've been deactivated, and that you're now sealed in the keep. That means you'll have to head back over to the Imprisoned One, who will use what power he has to open the portals back up for you.

So either way, you'll have to talk to the Imprisoned One and learn what he wants -- namely, for you to lure the Knights of the Vigil into the keep so he can punish them for what they've done to him. But you're not required to do this. When you return to the knights at the top of the keep (Outside), you'll learn that the Imprisoned One is none other than Demogorgon, Prince of Demons, and you'll be given three ways to proceed:
  • You can tell the knights the truth about what happened and take vengeance on them yourself. You'll earn 73,000 xp for killing the knights, and you'll find some +1 and +2 items on their corpses. Then when you return to Demogorgon, he'll escape from his seals and attack you. See the fighting option below for some strategies for defeating him.

  • You can tell the knights the truth about what happened and let them live. They'll decide to go on a pilgrimage, and each character in your party will earn 10,000 xp. You'll also gain a point of Reputation. But you won't be allowed to re-enter the keep and attack Demogorgon.

  • You can lie to the knights about what happened. They'll enter the keep to check on Demogorgon themselves. After they've departed, a ghostly apparition will appear. She'll tell you that she's a true knight of Helm, and she'll reveal that much of what Demogorgon told you is true -- that Odren and his fellow knights have fallen from the path. As long as you don't tell the apparition that you're going to walk away from the matter, she'll give you Helm's Scroll, which will allow you to seal the keep without being inside. Receiving the scroll will earn each character in your party 25,000 xp.
Depending on your choices above, you'll have a variety of ways of finishing up Watcher's Keep:
  • You can walk away. Supposedly, this will allow Demogorgon to go free, but really he'll just wait for you in the keep.

  • You can activate Helm's Scroll, which will seal up the keep, locking Demogorgon and the Knights of Vigil inside. This will earn each character in your party 80,000 xp.

  • You can attack Demogorgon, either before or after talking to Odren. Demogorgon is a tough opponent. He'll hit you hard, he'll cast high level spells (like Beguiling Gaze, which will charm your party members), and he'll summon a pair of mariliths to help him out. Worse, if you kill the mariliths, then he'll just replace them with glabrezu, so you won't gain anything.

    The basic way to kill Demogorgon is to hit him with breaching spells like Pierce Shield and Spellstrike to lower defenses (he starts out with a magic resistance of 90) and then whack him with offensive spells (like Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting) and weapon hits (including using abilities like Greater Whirlwind Attack) until he dies. Lots of summoned creatures (like Mordenkainen's Sword) can be useful as well.

    If a straight-up fight doesn't work for you, then there's also the tried-and-true trap method of killing him. After talking to Demogorgon but before talking to Odren, you'll be able to place traps at Demogorgon's spawn point. With a collection of Exploding Traps and Spike Traps at the site, Demogorgon will die as soon as he appears, and he won't even have time to summon the mariliths.

    When Demogrogon dies, each character in your party will earn 100,000 xp. If you sent the knights into the keep, then you'll find their corpses around, and you'll be able to talk to Odren before he dies. He'll apologize for what they did, and you'll earn an additional 20,000 xp.

    Note: A few seconds after you've left the keep, Helm's Scroll will disappear (assuming you received it from the apparition). But during this time you can activate it, which will earn each character in your party 80,000 xp.
Congratulations for completing Watcher's Keep!

1 - Imprisoned One

  1. Portal to Level 5.
  2. Portal to Outside.