Vicross's Estate (OH6500)

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Note: This location is involved in Neera's companion quest.

When you arrive at the estate, you'll meet the slave Thallis (#1). If you kill her, then you'll lose Reputation, and you won't learn anything. But if you ask her for information, then she'll tell you that Vicross can be found in the inner courtyard (#3). She'll also warn you that Vicross has guards stationed all over the place, and that when you confront her, she'll probably call for them.

Ideally, what you should do is circle around the outer rooms of the estate, killing the guards quickly so they can't raise the alarm. You'll also need to avoid stepping on traps, as some of them can trigger the alarm as well. If the alarm goes off, then all of the guards in the outer part of the estate will make a beeline for your position, and you'll have to fight them all at once.

The problem is, the guards are set up so it's difficult to kill them without setting off the alarm. In particular, in three places you'll encounter annoying Red Wizards (#2), who will immediately turn themselves invisible and buff themselves with Protection from Magical Weapons, and then they'll run away from you, occasionally quaffing Potions of Invisibility to keep themselves from being seen.

So you'll have two choices for how to proceed: you can either use up some of your spells (like Haste, Invisibility and True Seeing) so you can take down the mages quickly, or you can just buff yourself up and let the guards raise the alarm. You won't be able to rest in the estate, so any spells you cast when dealing with the guards won't be available when you face Vicross, but the more guards you kill beforehand, the easier the battle against Vicross will be.

When you eventually confront Vicross (#3), she'll talk to you for a bit, but no matter what you say to her, she and the three guards with her will attack you. Vicross will also call in any surviving outer guards to assist her. If you saved enough spells to buff yourself up before this fight, then it shouldn't be too bad. Vicross will do all the standard stuff that mages do (including casting Protection from Magical Weapons), so you'll just have to breach her defenses while also fending off her guards.

You'll earn 54,000 xp for defeating Vicross and her trio of guards, and you'll find Full Plate Mail +2, a Robe of the Evil Archmagi, a Rod of Reversal, a Thayan Circlet, and more when you loot their corpses. When you're ready to leave the estate, you'll need to ring the Bell of Summoning in the courtyard (#3). This will bring Szass Tam to you. He'll attack you, but during the ensuing fight, he'll teleport you back to the Clearing where you started Neera's quest.

1 - Foyer

You'll meet the slave Thallis here. The door between this room and the courtyard (#3) will start out locked, and it will only open when the alarm goes off or you start fighting Vicross.

2 - Red Wizards

3 - Inner Courtyard