Forest of Mir (AR5202)

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1 - Master Wraith

At this spot, you'll meet a master wraith masquerading as Gorion. It'll toy with you for a while -- even picking on whichever companion you've been romancing -- but eventually it'll reveal its true form, and it'll summon three devil shades, two shadow fiends, two swamp horrors, and two vampiric wraiths to attack you. You'll earn over 78,000 xp for defeating this group.

2 - Skeletal Cleric

When you enter the temple, the skeletal cleric here will mistake you for Bhaal -- but then quickly realize its mistake. When it does, it'll direct its allies -- a skeleton assassin, a skeleton mage, and two skeleton warriors -- to attack you. You'll earn over 43,000 xp for defeating the skeletons.

3 - Nyalee

You'll meet the old witch Nyalee here. She'll tell you that Yaga-Shura is her foster son, and that he betrayed her. Because of this, she'll offer to help you against him. She'll tell you that he removed his heart and protected it with "magical flames," which prevents him from being killed. She'll also reveal that he stole her heart, which limits her power. So she'll make you a deal -- if you bring her both hearts, then she'll "extinguish" Yaga-Shura's heart, making him vulnerable again.

You'll find Yaga-Shura's Heart and a Beating Heart (Nyalee's heart) in Yaga-Shura's Lair in the Marching Mountains. When you deliver them to Nyalee, she'll hold up her end of the bargain, and each character in your party will earn 20,000 xp. But then with her heart back in place, Nyalee will suddenly remember that she loves her son, and she'll attack you to protect him.

Nyalee will call on the "woodsies of the forest" -- two nymphs, two shambling mounds, and a vortex spider -- to help her out, but the ensuing battle shouldn't be too tough. Just take out Nyalee and the nymphs first, and then mop up the rest. You'll earn over 50,000 xp for winning the battle, and you'll find a Cleric's Staff +3 and a Ring of Animal Friendship: Druid's Ring on Nyalee's corpse.

With Nyalee's quest complete, you'll finally be able to confront Yaga-Shura at the Siege Camp.

4 - Leaning Tile

Behind the tile here, you'll find a Nymph's Tear, which you'll need for Cespenar in the Pocket Plane to craft the Heartwood Ring.