Asylum Dungeon 1 (AR1512) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Imoen Rejoins

When Bodhi lets you loose in the Asylum Dungeon, this is where you'll start out. Imoen will join back up with your party here, as well.

2 - Statue Puzzle

In this room is a puzzle involving putting a bunch of strange items in the hands of the statues around the room. Here is the order that they need to go, starting with the statue to the left of the door and continuing left - Star Medallion, Gold Circlet, Worn Out Boots, Water, Sundial, Sun Medallion, Sword Medallion, Gagged Head, Mirror, Hourglass, Skull.

After you complete this puzzle, open up the chest again to grab your spoils. You'll find a Dusty Rose Ioun Stone and the Sapphire Stone needed for room #3.

3 - Gemstone Portal

When you click on this portal, you'll be forced to fight depending on whether or not you're holding certain stones found in the dungeon. You can have an opal, ruby, or sapphire, any of which will cause a reaction. Upon using the sapphire, a djinni will appear and give you the Doomplate +3.

4 - Stone Face Riddles

Another pile of riddles to overcome. Each time you click on the stone faces, you'll be presented with a question. Here is a list of the answers, listed in order from the top right face - Stars, Darkness, A Candle, A Coffin, Fire, Ice, Shadows, Sponge, Breath, Fish, Secret, Hole. After you've answered all the questions correctly, you'll get a Ring of Regeneration.

5 - Crushing Trap

This is a nasty trap. If you don't walk along the south wall, the walls will smash you character. Instant death.

6 - Bag of Holding

Here you'll find what is probably the most useful item in the game - the Bag of Holding. There is also the Opal for area #3 and a Rogue Stone here.

7 - Exit

This corridor leads to the Asylum Dungeon 3, where you can grab the Kurtulmak's Shard from the kobolds that reside there. You'll also battle Dace Sontan, whose hand you'll need to open area #8.

8 - Exit

This path leads to Asylum Dungeon 2, but you'll need Dace Sontan's hand in order to pass through. You can fight Dace by traveling to Asylum Dungeon 3 at area #7.