Asylum Dungeon 2 (AR1513) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Exit

This exit leads to Asylum Dungeon 1.

2 - Exit

This exit leads to Asylum Dungeon 1 as well.

3 - Secret Door

Search the wall here for a secret door.

4 - Summoning Tome

You can double-click the tome here to summon increasingly difficult monsters, such as a Kobold, Umber Hulk, Mind Flayer, and a Beholder. After finishing the Beholder, you are given scrolls of Summon Fiend and Simulacrum, as well as a Ring of Free Action.

5 - Umber Hulks

You'll battle quite a few Umber Hulks here. The two entrances and the door in the middle are connected and open/close in pairs.

6 - Kurtulmak Crystal

You'll have to defeat a horde of Kobolds and Imps (easy fight) to get a shard of the crystal that you'll need later on to access the upper levels.

7 - Gibberlings

You'll encounter a horde of Gibberlings here. You can find the following scrolls by scouring the room: Simulacrum, Spirit Armor, and Monster Summoning III.

8 - Dace

The Vampire Dace resides here in the coffin. Kill him, stake him, and then get his hand. You'll need it to access the upper levels.

9 - Asylum Library

This is just an empty library, but you can grab some cash and scrolls: Ray of Enfeeblement, Power Word: Stun, and Finger of Death.

10 - Undead Battle

Drop the Skeletons, Mummies, and Lich in this room to grab a Cleric's Staff +3.