Asylum Dungeon 3 (AR1514) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Lever

You'll need to pass through a secret door to get into this room, but you'll be able to pull a lever that opens the door to area #2 once you're inside.

2 - Mithril Tokens

After pulling the lever in area #1, you can enter this room. After dispatching the monsters, grab the Mithril Tokens... you'll need them for area #8.

3 - Paintings, Tokens, and a Minotaur Horn

This room has a pond in the middle and three statues along the wall. You can grab a Mind Flayer painting, a minotaur horn, and some Mithril Tokens in the pond, and a Troll, Umber Hulk, and Djinni painting from each of the statues. The statues are trapped, however, so use caution. These paintings are used to open the rooms in area #6. The horn is used to open the door in area #5. The tokens are used for area #8.

4 - Minotaur Horn and Tokens

You can find one of the minotaur horns needed to open the door at area #5 in this room, along with some more Mithril Tokens.

5 - Minotaur Statue

There is a statue of a minotaur here. You will need both minotaur horns (from areas #3 and #4) in order to open the door in this room. The door leads up to the Asylum Tests area.

6 - Painting Doorways

There are 4 "doors" in this room, each requiring a painting from area #3. If you have the appropriate painting, you can pass the door. You will fight a Mind Flayer in one room (which drops the Flame of the North), a Troll in one room (which drops Malakar +2), and an Umber Hulk in one room. The third door leads down a hallway to areas #7 and #8.

7 - Gesen Bow String

This room has a chest and some Golem guards. Open the chest, then fight the Golems. Inside the chest, you'll be able to grab yourself some more Mithril Tokens for area #8 and the Gesen Bow String, which is used to construct the Gesen Short Bow.

8 - Token Machine

There is a very strange machine in the middle of this room. You can put Mithril Tokens into it to obtain different items. If you put 5 tokens in the machine, you'll get a pair of Boots of Grounding, 10 tokens will get you Boots of the North, 15 tokens will get you Boots of Speed, and 20 tokens will get you the Jester's Chain +4.