Asylum 2 (AR1516) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Irenicus Battle

You'll confront Irenicus for the first time here. You'll need the help of the prisoners, though, otherwise Irenicus is able to kill you and your party instantly. Once you've beat on him for awhile, he will escape, leaving you to defend yourself against the prisoners and Yoshimo (if he was in your party).

2 - Underdark Portal

This is the portal to the Underdark. You'll need the key from Asylum 1 to be able to enter this room.

3 - Stairs to Asylum Dungeon

These stairs come up from the Asylum Dungeon. This is where you'll talk with Saemon, the captain of the ship you took to Brynnlaw. He offers you a deal to ride on his ship, and I very strongly suggest going with him. You'll be able to reach the Sahuagin City by going this route.

4 - Exit

These stairs lead up to Asylum 1.