Sahuagin City (AR2300)

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1 - High Priestess Senityili

This is where you'll first meet up with the Sahuagin High Priestess Senityili. She will have you talk with King Ixilthetocal at area #2 to help the Sahuagin with some problems they are having with a rebel Prince.

Once you've spoken with the King at area #2, however, the Priestess will explain to you that she thinks the rebel Prince would rule their city better and that you should help the Prince overthrow the King instead. If you accept, she will give you a Rebel Orb that will let the rebels know that you are not there to cause them harm. This will get you past the guards after you pass through the door at area #7.

2 - King Ixilthetocal

King Ixilthetocal, ruler of the Sahuagin, will meet with you here. He will tell you about a rebel Sahuagin Prince that he would like you to take care of at area #8. He asks that you bring back the heart of the Prince as proof that you have killed him. In order to reach the rebel, however, you must first get the Sekolah Tooth from the chest at area #6. This will get you past the door at area #7.

Once you've visited the Prince at area #8, you can either return here with his heart or fool the King by returning with a fake heart. If you choose to bring the real heart back, the King will reward you with the key to his treasury, which will get you a Rod of Lordly Might. If you bring the fake heart back, the Prince will attack the King and kill him. You can grab the Spear +3: Impaler from the King's body, as well as the key to his treasury to snag the Rod of Lordly Might.

3 - Sahuagin Ambush

Here you will be ambushed by a whole bunch of Sahuagin. Clean them up and grab yourself the Cloak of Mirroring.

4 - Sea Zombie Lord

This little area is home for a bunch of Sea Zombies led by a Sea Zombie Lord. No loot is to be had, but you can glean a fair amount of experience from them.

5 - Faerūn's Famous

You'll meet up with a couple of imps here that will give you a puzzle to solve. There are five famous NPCs from various areas of the Forgotten Realms and five different chests. In each chest is a piece of equipment. The idea is to give the appropriate equipment to the respective NPC.

In case you don't know the Forgotten Realms NPCs very well, here is a quick rundown of who gets what: Drizzt - Scimitar, Khelben Blackstaff - Quarterstaff, Alustriel - Pendant, Elminster - Pipe, Piergeiron - Helmet. Once you solve the puzzle, you can grab yourself a Cloak of Protection +2 and the Boots of Etherealness.

6 - Sekolah's Tooth

Here lies a chest with Sekolah's Tooth inside, an item that you absolutely have to have in order to get past the door at area #7. Unfortunately, it's guarded by a Beholder. I found it convenient to force attack him, wipe him out, open the chest, and grab Sekolah's Tooth, but... if you would like a more subtle approach, you may want to try dialogue first.

Start off by chatting with the Beholder about the imps and continue to choose pleasant responses. Continue speaking to the Beholder until Haer'Dalis (if he's in your party) pipes up and asks the Beholder if he was summoned to guard the chest or the contents of the chest. The Beholder will think about it for a bit and finally realize he can let you take what is inside the chest, since he was specifically ordered to guard the chest and not its contents. If you don't have Haer'Dalis, your main character will need a wisdom of 14 or higher (quaff a Potion of Insight if necessary) to come up with the same solution for the Beholder. Either way, the result is the same.

7 - Sealed Door

As long as you have Sekolah's Tooth from area #6 (and you should have the Rebel Orb from area #1 if you don't intend to kill the Prince), you can walk through this door to get to area #8, where Prince Villynaty awaits you.

8 - Prince Villynaty

Here you'll meet up with the rebel Prince Villynaty. You can either kill him and grab his heart for the King at area #1, or you can have him supply you with a "fake" heart to fool the King. We recommend taking the fake heart and allowing the Prince to overthrow the King as the leader of the Sahuagin, but it's ultimately up to you.

If you kill the Prince, you'll get the blade necessary to have Cromwell forge you the Wave Halberd. If you're feeling a little devious, you can help the Prince overthrow the King, grab the loot from the King, and then attack the Prince anyway. Or, if you prefer a less violent approach, you can pickpocket the Wave blade from the Prince. Sneaky, sneaky.