Asylum 1 (AR1515) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Irenicus' Journal

Searching this room will reveal a page out of Irenicus' journal and the Staff of Thunder & Lightning.

2 - Asylum Key

You can find a Rogue Stone, the Horn of Silence, and a key in this room. The key is used to unlock the door downstairs that leads to a portal to the Underdark.

3 - Imoen

Here is where you'll find Imoen and learn that Irenicus is now in charge of the Asylum. If you have Yoshimo in your party, this is where you will also find out that he has betrayed you. During your ship ride here, he slipped poison to you and your entire party goes unconscious.

You will run into Yoshimo later, however, when you confront Irenicus at the end of the Asylum Dungeon. Once you kill him, you can take his heart to the Temple of Ilmater in Athkatla's Slums District for cleansing (and a huge experience reward).

Before leaving the room, you'll also want to grab the Rogue Stone lying on the nearby table.

4 - Exit

These stairs lead down to Asylum 2. You'll need to release the prisoners before this door is open, however.