Main Quest: Power of Perun (Parts 1-3)

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Part 1

When Prisoner Seven gives you Part 1 of this quest, he'll reveal that he's figured out a way to deal with Harker's force domes. He'll tell you that Perun, "the god of storms," was imprisoned at the top of a nearby mountain, and that if you were able to get up there and free him, then you'd be able to use his thunderbolts to destroy the domes. Prisoner Seven will then teleport you to the bottom of Thunderhead Mountain, where you'll have to start your trek.

To finish this part of the quest, you'll just need to traverse Thunderhead Mountain -- detouring through the Cold Caverns in the middle of the map (Exits A and B) -- and then take the exit to the Giantwoods (Exit C).


Part 2

For the second part of the quest, you'll need to make your way to Perun in the Giantwoods (#4). However, on your way there you'll run into a pair of roadblocks. The first is a Giant Idol, which you'll find sitting right next to an ice wall (#1). After walking up to the wall, when you turn around and talk to the idol, you'll learn that it is guarding the mountain, and that it will only allow you to pass if you satisfy its brothers, who you'll find surrounding the mountain (#2).

To satisfy the idol's brothers, you'll have to answer their riddles. If you get an answer wrong, then you'll have to fight several Adept of Perun Minions, who will summon Ice Daemons and generally be a pain to kill. A wrong answer will also prevent you from getting a reward from the Giant Idol at the end. So try to think like a stone when you're answering the riddles. If you get stuck, the questions and answers are listed below:
  • Which is the strongest? Stone.
  • What has roots that you can't see? Mountain.
  • What sort of stones do you find in a river? Wet stones. You'll have to fight at the end of this question no matter what.
  • What is taller than trees? Mountain.
  • What goes up and up but never grows? Mountain.
Regardless of how you did on the quiz, when you return to the Giant Idol, he'll remove the ice wall and allow you to continue up the mountain. But if you got all of the questions right, then he'll also give you a Greater Petrified Essence.

  • Normal: 2734 xp / 4500 gp / Rare Artifact
  • Veteran: 25,000 xp / 45,000 gp / Rare Artifact

Part 3

For the final part of the quest, you'll need to continue up the mountain, where you'll run into the second roadblock, an Adept of Perun (#3). He won't want you to pass, and he'll fight you. However, he'll be all alone, and so he should be much easier to defeat than the minions you had to battle earlier.

At the top of the mountain you'll find Perun's prison (#4). When you approach it, you'll get attacked by three Crystal Golems -- one focusing on ice, one focusing on poison, and one focusing on fire -- but you'll only have to fight them one at a time. Each battle will end when the golem dies, so focus on the golem and ignore whatever minions they summon (or at least as much as possible).

After the battles, another Adept of Perun will show up, and he'll tell you he and his fellows can tap into Perun's power and use it to destroy Harker's force domes, and so releasing the imprisoned god isn't actually necessary. You'll then have to make a choice -- to work with the adepts, which will end the matter without a fight, or to attack the adepts and then break the seal of the prison. If you battle the adepts, then be sure to target them and not their summoned creatures. Otherwise they'll summon so many things that you'll get swarmed.

After completing the sequence (one way or the other), you'll need to return to Prisoner Seven in the Secret Lair to complete the quest.

  • Normal: 3281 xp / 2 Skill Points / 2 Skill Points for Katarina
  • Veteran: 30,000 xp / 2 Skill Points / 2 Skill Points for Katarina

1 - Giant Idol

2 - Giant Idol Brothers

3 - Adept of Perun

4 - Perun's Prison

  1. Entrance to the Cold Caverns.
  2. Exit from the Cold Caverns.
  3. Entrance to the Giantwoods.