Main Quest: Off the Beaten Track

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For this quest you'll need to hunt for General Harker in Wormwood Chasm. As you explore the area, Prisoner Seven will occasionally talk to you via the aerial transmitter, but all you'll have to do is fight your way from the area entrance (Exit G) to the area exit (Exit A). When you get to the exit, you'll learn that Harker is in the Glade of Thorns battling the Dryad Queen for the Death of Kochei, and that you'll need to intervene.

The quest will come to an end when you exit Wormwood Chasm and enter the Glade of Thorns. But note: it's a one-way exit, and completing the battle in the glade will also complete the campaign.

  • Normal: 18,292 xp / Rare Artifact
  • Veteran: 50,000 xp / Rare Artifact

  1. Exit to the Glade of Thorns.
  2. Ink gate.