Main Quest: Counteroffensive

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Commander Petrov will tell you that with Harker's force domes out of the way, you can now assault the Foundry -- except that to reach it, you'll need to clear out Viaduct Junction first. When you enter Viaduct Junction, you'll almost immediately run into Captain Vrikov (#1), who will tell you that the Resistance efforts in the region haven't gone well so far, but that you might be able to break through at a nearby outpost (#2). This will trigger the side quest Enemy Outpost. Vrikov will also mention that the Resistance has captured one of Harker's "great cannons," which will allow you to call down three artillery strikes. You'll receive six more strikes as you capture artillery platforms in the region (#3), so feel free to use them whenever convenient. Vrikov and two other soldiers will then join you, and they'll stay with you as long as they survive.

When you reach the gate leading to the Foundry (Exit A), you'll find it guarded by a pair of Doomsday Automatons, plus a variety of other enemies. It's a bad idea to charge in and fight everything at once. Instead, run up to some enemies and attack them, then run away, and then fight the few things that chase you. When you get to the automatons, realize that they can mostly only attack what's in front of them, so if you can keep circling behind them, then you should be able to whittle away their health while taking no damage in return. Or, at worst, you should be able to distract the automatons while Katarina kills them.

"The number of Doomsday Automatons you have to face indicates your success as a hunter. I'm so proud of you!"

After defeating the automatons, you'll just need to enter the Foundry to complete the quest.

  • Normal: 4477 xp / 2500 gp / Rare Artifact
  • Veteran: 25,000 xp / 25,000 gp / Rare Artifact

1 - Captain Vrikov

2 - Outpost

3 - Artillery Platforms

  1. Exit to the Foundry.