Main Quest: The Prisoner

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You'll receive this quest from the Captain of the Guards in the Secret Lair. You'll find him standing with an ornithopter next to the ink gate in the center of the lair.


The captain will tell you that the ornithopter was re-wired by Nicola Telsa to let you know that the mad scientist has been captured and needs to be rescued. You'll find Telsa in the Drainage Tunnels. The ornithopter will lead you to his cell (#1).

When you reach Telsa, he'll tell you that he can't do anything about Harker's force domes, but he'll offer to help the Resistance with his genius. He'll then head over to the artifact forge in the Secret Lair, where you'll now be able to forge new items.

  • Normal: 1928 xp / 2 Attribute Points / Rare Artifact
  • Veteran: 30,000 xp / 2 Attribute Points / Rare Artifact

1 - Telsa's Cell

  1. Exit to the Secret Lair.
  2. Ink gate.