Side Quest: Free the Merchant

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You'll receive this quest from the imprisoned Traveling Merchant in the Giantwoods (#1).


When you talk to the merchant (who you might remember escorting to safety in the first game), he'll ask you to free him from his prison. When you ask the nearby Spiritwalker Elder (#2) why the merchant has been locked up, he'll tell you that the merchant woke up the Spirit of the Deep, and that only a human sacrifice can put it back to sleep. You'll then have two options -- deal with the spirit yourself, or fight the Spiritwalkers.

If you decide to deal with the spirit, then you'll need to head to the ghost village to the southwest, where you'll find a carcass pit (#3). Assuming you didn't click on it and fight the spirit previously, then when you click on it now, you and Katarina will notice that a Runestone is missing. When you ask the merchant about the stone, he'll admit to stealing it and hiding it in his camp (#4). You'll find the Runestone in the carpets next to the gulash pot. Having the Runestone will allow you to take it to the Spiritwalker Elder or to the carcass pit and update the quest.

Note: When you reach the carcass pit, you can also just fight the spirit, but it probably won't drop anything interesting. Plus, the Runestone is one of the secrets for Chapter 1.

However, no matter how you approach the quest, at the end of it the Spiritwalkers will attack you. After defeating them, you'll just need to release the merchant from his cage to complete the quest. The merchant will then go to his camp and set up shop, but he'll mostly only sell "blue" items, and so he won't be much help to you.

  • Normal: 3888 xp / Rare Artifact
  • Veteran: 35,000 xp / Rare Artifact

1 - Merchant

2 - Spiritwalker Elder

3 - Carcass Pit

4 - Merchant's Camp