Location: Giantwoods

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Note: When you first approach the Giantwoods, the guardians near the entrance will warn you about magical seals, which have the power to release a "terrible tempest" in the area if they're broken. There are three seals (at #11, #14, and #20) but as of version 1.1.01 nothing in the game will change if you break them or not.

Another Note: While in the Giantwoods, you can acquire three Moonstones (at #1, #7, and #10). If you do so, then in Chapter 2 you'll be able to give them to Dr. Dampf in the Secret Lair and receive Koschei's Tear in return. Finding the three Moonstones is also one of the secrets for the chapter.

1 - Corpse

When you click on the dead man here, his spirit will begin talking to you, and he'll ask you to take away his Moonstone, which will free his soul. If you do as the spirit asks, then you'll get attacked by an Ice Fiend, but you'll get to keep the Moonstone.

2 - Ghost Soldier

The Ghost Soldier will give you the quest The Curse.

3 - Carcass Pit

The carcass pit here is involved in the quest Free the Merchant. If you click on the pit (three times) before accepting the quest, then you'll have to fight a Dark Spirit and several of her minions. If you wait until after accepting the quest to click on the pit, then you'll notice that a Runestone is missing, which will give you a chance to find it (at #6). The Runestone is one of the secrets for the chapter.

4 - Traveling Merchant

The merchant will give you the quest Free the Merchant.

5 - Spiritwalker Elder / Altar

At this spot you'll meet a Spiritwalker Elder. He's involved in the quest Free the Merchant. Next to the elder is an altar with some skulls on top of it. If you click on the skulls, then you'll find a Dungeonkeeper Amulet, which is one of the secrets for the chapter. The Spiritwalkers won't care if you take it.

6 - Camp

The merchant (#4) will move here once you've completed the quest Free the Merchant.

7 - Corpses

On one of the five corpses here you'll find a Moonstone, but when you pick it up you'll get attacked by Ice Daemons.

8 - Giant Camp

At this camp you'll get attacked by Mad Gorazd and several Giants and Giantesses.

9 - Human Bones

In the bone pile here you'll find the Spiritwalker Idol (quest item), which you might need for the quest The Curse. If you've already completed The Curse, then you'll find the Spiritwalker Idol (trophy) instead.

10 - Adept of Perun

The adept will give you the quest Gate of Perun.

11 - Gate of Perun

The gate is involved in the quest Gate of Perun. Next to the gate, you'll find a Daedalus Manuscript in a crate. The manuscript will turn into a relic the next time you visit the Secret Lair.

12 - Bridge

When you cross this bridge for the first time, you'll get attacked by a giant beast named Yugaroth. You'll find a treasure chest here as well.

13 - Stone Heads

After defeating the nearby Spiritwalker Elder Champion plus its entire retinue, when you approach the two stone heads here, they'll criticize your monster-hunting skills, but then they'll reward you with some Masterfully Botched Armor. "That's what they call monster hunting these days?"

14 - Spiritwalker Totem / Drums

The Spiritwalker totem is involved in the quest The Curse. Meanwhile, if you click on any five of the seven drums here, then you'll "prove the existence of the yeti," which is one of the secrets for the chapter.

15 - Christmas Tree

You'll find four treasure chests around the Christmas tree here, plus a gift-giving domovoy. "Let's pretend that we saw nothing. Right?"

16 - Black Knight

Meeting the Black Knight is one of the secrets for the chapter. You'll find a treasure chest next to the knight. "It's just a scratch!"

17 - Mr. Bellow Smash Jr.

Smash will sell you an odd collection of items, including some quest items from the first game. The items with non-obvious uses are listed below:

18 - Giant Idol

The Giant Idol will block you from climbing to the top of the mountain. To appease it, you'll need to visit the stone heads surrounding the mountain and answer their questions. The questions and answers are listed below:
  • Which is the strongest? Stone.
  • What has roots that you can't see? Mountain.
  • What sort of stones do you find in a river? Wet stones. You'll have to fight at the end of this question no matter what you say.
  • What is taller than trees? Mountain.
  • What goes up and up but never grows? Mountain.
Regardless of how you did on the quiz, when you return to the Giant Idol, he'll allow you to continue up the mountain. But if you got all of the questions right, then he'll also give you a Greater Petrified Essence.

19 - Adept of Perun

The adept will try to stop you from reaching Perun's prison, but you shouldn't have much trouble defeating him.

20 - Perun's Prison

You'll need to free Perun from his prison here or work with the Adepts of Perun instead. See the quest entry for Power of Perun for more information.

  1. Exit to Thunderhead Mountain.
  2. Ink gate.