Side Quest: The Curse

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You'll receive this quest from a Ghost Soldier on the western side of the Giantwoods (#1).


The ghost will tell you that his entire town was cursed by the Spiritwalkers -- and only because they were murderers and sinners and stole the Spiritwalker Idol. The ghost will then ask you to help them out, and he'll give you two options. You can find the Spiritwalker Idol and return it to the Spiritwalkers, or you can destroy the Spiritwalkers' totem, which means you'll also need to kill the Spiritwalkers guarding it. Either action will break the curse.

The Spiritwalker Idol is located in the giant camp to the east (#2). You'll find it in a pile of human bones. Then when you visit the Spiritwalkers at their totem (#3), you'll receive two dialogue options, one for each of the two ways to complete the quest. If you kill the Spiritwalkers and destroy the totem, then you'll break one of the seals in the Giantwoods, but you'll get to keep the Spiritwalker Idol, which will turn into a trophy. If you hand over the idol, then you'll leave the seal intact, and you'll avoid a fight.

The quest will end at the totem. The ghosts in the town won't have anything new to say to you either way.

  • Normal: 4444 xp / 5000 gp / 2 Attribute Points / Set Artifact
  • Veteran: 40,000 xp / 50,000 gp / 2 Attribute Points / Set Artifact

1 - Ghost Soldier

2 - Spiritwalker Idol

3 - Spiritwalker Totem