Main Quest: Legend of Chimera

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When Chapter 2 starts, Prisoner Seven will tell you that he's found Professor Fulmigati's Crystal Workshop hidden in the ink, and he'll direct you to go there and see what you can find. Given the title of the quest, it shouldn't come as any surprise that what you'll eventually discover is a chimera, plus books about how to take care of it (#1). To tame the chimera, you'll need to step onto the summoning platform (#2), which will cause it to appear and attack you. You don't have to stay on the platform when fighting it. You can run around all you want.

Once you've dealt enough damage to the chimera, it will disappear. However, when you return to Prisoner Seven in the Secret Lair, he'll tell you that you successfully tamed the chimera, and that it's now in the "study" (aka the room with your storage chest). To complete the quest, you'll just need to head over to the chimera and click on it.

Some useful things to know about chimeras:
  • Each time you use the chimera (whether summoning it or sending it out to hunt), it will use up some energy. You'll need to feed it essences to restore that energy. So buy every essence you come across and then give the chimera the ones you don't like.

  • The chimera will start out at Level 1 and can reach as high as Level 15, and this is true for the normal and veteran campaigns. If you play both campaigns with a character, then in the veteran campaign the chimera will start out at whatever level it was at the end of the normal campaign. So you'll only need to build it up once.

  • You'll find several candles during the campaign. Candles are essentially equipment for the chimera.

  • The chimera will find pretty good equipment when it goes hunting -- probably better than what you'll find while playing the campaign -- and so it's more useful as a hunter than as a summoned creature. The best place to send it is Void Bastion.

  • You can name your chimera (including "Fluffy") in the summoning interface in the Secret Lair.

  • Normal: 1846 xp / 5500 gp / Summon Chimera trick
  • Veteran: 15,000 xp / 55,000 gp / Summon Chimera trick

1 - Chimera Books

2 - Chimera Summoning Platform