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Chapter 1

Cold Caverns
  • You found the Afterlife Ring.
  • You evicted the domovoy from the minecart.
  • You looted the body of the grey wizard.
  • You found some "rare ore" (that is, you found some rune fragments next to a dwarf-sized skeleton).

Drainage Tunnels

  • You took the Dungeonkeeper Amulet from a sacrificial altar (located next to a Spiritwalker Elder).
  • You found the Runestone from the "old well" (during the quest Free the Merchant)
  • You found three Moonstones (two on corpses and one from an Adept of Perun).
  • You found Masterfully Botched Armor (dropped by a pair of talking Stone Heads).
  • You proved the existence of the yeti (by playing the drums at the Spiritwalker totem).
  • You found the Spiritwalker Idol (in the bone pile in the giant camp).
  • You "defeated" the Black Knight (by talking to him).
  • You won the Greater Petrified Essence from the stone heads (by answering their questions correctly).

Holding Facility

Invasion of the Rat Things
  • You found the secret area.

Subterranean Incursion
  • You found the secret area.

Thunderhead Mountain
  • You found the Mushroom Expert Certificate.
  • You found the "woodcarver's treasure" (by clicking on a rukh pole).
  • You found the scarecrow's treasure.
  • You found Don Quijote's Lance.
  • You found a Frozen Goldfish.
  • You revealed that Woody is a ghoul or you helped Woody avoid people accusing him of being a ghoul.
  • You called forth the giants with the giant gong.
  • You took the Dungeonkeeper Armor from a sacrificial altar (located near the Adept of Perun).
  • You looted the body of the dead young hunter (or perhaps looted the chest next to him).
  • You saved the bomb expert (by following Katarina's advice).

Chapter 2

Caverns of Steel
  • You found the secret area.

Inhuman Regiment
  • You found the secret area.

Crystal Workshop
  • You found the "chest" full of essences (they're really in a purple crate).
  • You found the Emerald Lantern.
  • You summoned the chimera by turning the statues.

Maze of Blades
  • You survived a mass squirrel attack.


Maze of Blades
  • You found the secret area.

Secret Lair

Viaduct Junction
  • You destroyed the Alpha Prototype.
  • You stole the treasure of the Thieves' Guild (after listening to a pair of thieves discussing it).

Chapter 3

Halls of Remembrance
  • You found the secret area.

Merchant District
  • You found the home of the famous detective (by talking to the beggar out front).
  • You killed woody (he'll only appear if you didn't kill him in Thunderhead Mountain).
  • You killed Dr. Lecter (he'll only appear if you freed him in the Holding Facility).
  • You killed Jack the Inkripper.
  • You saw the Helsing symbol (the bat symbol while on the rooftops).

Testing Facility

Wormwood Chasm
  • You read all the headstones (about dead musicians).
  • You used the Engraved Iron Key to open the Mystic Orb.
  • You took the Dungeonkeeper Trophy (aka "the bizarre skull") from the sacrificial altar.
  • You looted all of the sacrificial altars (for the complete Dungeonkeeper set).
  • You followed the instructions on the Ring of Guidance (see the Ring of Guidance section for more information).
  • You survived the mass harpy attack (at the scarecrow).

  • You became the true owner of the chimera.