Location: Thunderhead Mountain

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1 - Mushroom Expert

You'll find a Mushroom Expert Certificate on the corpse of the mushroom expert here. This is one of the secrets for the chapter. If you give the certificate to Dr. Dampf in the Secret Lair, then you'll receive 2000 gp.

2 - Rukh Pole

Clicking on the pole here will reveal some loot. This is one of the secrets for the chapter (it's called the woodcarver's treasure).

3 - Scarecrow

Clicking on the scarecrow here will reveal the Harpy Matriarch Feather. This is one of the secrets for the chapter.

4 - Lance Stuck in Mill

Clicking on the lance here will reveal Don Quijote's Lance. This is one of the secrets for the chapter. The lance will turn into a relic when you return to the Secret Lair.

5 - Frozen Goldfish

Right next to the bridge here you'll find a Frozen Goldfish. It's one of the secrets for the chapter. You'll be able to use the goldfish in the Foundry in Chapter 2 to make a wish.

6 - Massacred Caravan

When you click on the dead caravan leader here, you'll be given the option of looting him or not. If you loot him, then you'll take note of his cargo list, which you'll recognize when you get to the beggarkin camp (#13).

7 - Woody

At this spot you'll meet Woody. He'll claim that he isn't a ghoul even though he is. If you help him out by giving him a spare hat, then he'll leave and you'll earn 2000 xp. If you offer him some food, then he'll start acting like a ghoul and attack you, and he'll drop a Woody Snack when he dies. Both options will count as a secret at the end of the chapter.

Note: If Woody survives, then you'll meet him again in the Merchant District in Chapter 3. He'll be in full ghoul mode there and he'll attack you, but he won't drop a Woody Snack when you kill him.

8 - Mysterious Gong

If you hit the gong here, then you'll summon three Giantess Minions and a Giantess Matriarch, which will trigger the side quest "Children of Evil." To complete the quest, you'll just need to defeat the giantesses. For your reward, you'll earn 847 xp and 4000 gp on normal, or 10,000 xp and 40,000 gp on veteran. You'll also receive a rare Cape, Chargerpack, or Runecloak. Ringing the gong is one of the secrets for the chapter.

9 - Altar

You'll find Dungeonkeeper Armor on the altar here. You'll get an option to leave the armor where it is, but doing so won't lead to anything, so you should always take it. Taking the armor is also one of the secrets for the chapter.

10 - Adept of Perun

The adept here will give you the quest The Black Idol. Accepting the quest will cause the adept to lower the nearby ice wall.

11 - Dead Hunter

Finding the hunter and / or looting the chest next to him is one of the secrets for the chapter.

12 - Dark Idol

You'll need to destroy this idol for the quest The Black Idol. You'll find it guarded by an Ice Empress.

13 - Beggarkin Camp

Inside this camp you'll meet a group of beggarkins. If you tell them that you're rich, then they'll attack you. If you tell them that you're a monster hunter, then they'll offer to sell you some wares (which you'll recognize if you looted the dead caravan leader at #6, giving you another chance to fight them). The beggarkins won't drop anything interesting if they die, and they won't sell anything interesting if they live, so choose whichever option seems best.

14 - Injured Man

You'll find a man stuck under some boulders here. He'll tell you that he's from the Borgovian Bomb Club, and he'll give you some detailed instructions about how you can use dynamite to free him. If you follow these instructions, then you'll blow the man up. If you take Katarina's advice instead, then you'll save the man, but instead of thanking you, he'll insult you for ruining his clothes. You might decide that blowing up the man is the better option, but saving him is one of the secrets for the chapter.

S - Shrine

  1. Entrance to Cold Caverns.
  2. Exit from the Cold Caverns.
  3. Path to the Giantwoods.
  4. Ink gate.