Location: Merchant District

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1 - Inkrippers

Inkrippers will regularly spawn here.

2 - Von Stierlitz

Von Stierlitz is a Resistance spy. He's involved in the quest Beginning of the End.

3 - Generators

These two generators are involved in the quest The Elite Guard.

4 - Annihilators

When you reach this part of the district, you'll encounter a trio of Octopod Annihilators, which will trigger the quest "Annihilator Squadron." The annihilators are nasty, but if you keep moving, then you should be able to avoid the worst of the damage. You won't receive a reward for completing the quest.

5 - Beggar

The beggar here will talk about his master, a consulting detective who fell to his death while fighting his nemesis. Meeting the beggar is one of the secrets for the chapter. "I just had this frightening idea.... No, he couldn't have been a domovoy."

6 - Murderers

In this side street you'll encounter up to three murderers: Woody (if you helped him on Thunderhead Mountain), Dr. Lecter (if you freed him from his cell in the Holding Facility), and Jack the Inkripper (always). All three murderers are secrets for the chapter.

7 - Force Wall

To lower this force wall, you'll need to deactivate the two generators on the roof of the Bank of Borgova (#3).

8 - Vents

You'll need to poison these vents for the quest The Elite Guard.

9 - Force Walls

To lower these force walls, you'll need to pick up the Demagnetiser from Von Schreck (#11) and then click on the Power Grid Control Panels next to the walls.

Note: You can't walk through the force walls while they're up, you can shoot through them if you want.

10 - Van Helsing Signal

When you reach this spot on the rooftops, you'll see the Van Helsing signal, which is one of the secrets for the chapter. "Our vampires are way too obsessed with bats."

11 - Von Schreck

Von Schreck will teleport around and summon rat-things, but otherwise he shouldn't be too difficult to kill. When Von Schreck dies, he'll drop a Demagentiser and an Ink Candle.

12 - Treasure Chest

Inside this treasure chest you'll find a Jade Candle.

13 - Altar

On top of the altar here you'll find Dungeonkeeper Gloves.

14 - Rat Corpse

When you click on the rat corpse here, you'll find the Necronomicon, which will turn into a relic when you return to the Secret Lair.

  1. Entrance to the Testing Facility.
  2. Gate to Wormwood Chasm.
  3. Ink gate.