Main Quest: Beginning of the End

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At the start of this quest, you'll learn that General Harker is hiding out in the Merchant District, but that the Resistance has a spy there who should be able to help you find him. You'll run into the spy near the entrance to the area (#1). When you talk to him, he'll tell you the location of Harker's headquarters, but he'll also give you two pieces of bad news:
  • To reach the headquarters, you'll need to disable a pair of force walls (#2), but the only way to do that is to use the Demagnetiser being held by an enemy vampire named Von Schreck (#3).

  • The headquarters doesn't house many troops, but as soon as it comes under attack, a nearby garrison will empty out to assist it. To prevent this from happening, the spy will suggest that you disable the force walls protecting the vents to the garrison building, and then inject poisonous gas inside to kill the troops. This is covered in the quest entry for The Elite Guard.

    Note: This step is optional. If you skip it, then we're pretty sure that you'll face more enemies at the headquarters, but it's tough to tell.
When you make your way into Harker's headquarters, you'll find a Gate of Perun there (Exit A). When you approach the gate, Prisoner Seven will appear, and he'll inform you that Harker fled through the gate, and that you'll need to chase him. This conversation will complete the quest. You won't get a reward.

1 - Spy

2 - Force Walls

3 - Von Schreck

  1. Gate to Wormwood Chasm.
  2. Ink gate.