Main Quest: The Siege

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This is mostly an overview quest. You'll receive it when you talk to Commander Petrov in the Base Camp (#1) after completing the quest Clear out Viaduct Junction. To complete the quest, you'll need complete the quests The First Wave, The Second Wave, and Vlados in Trouble, usually talking to Petrov in between.

However, when you talk to Petrov after that, you'll start the third and final wave of attacks. This wave will be about the same as the second wave -- with artillery fire and all -- but it will include an Octopod Annihilator at the end. The annihilator is a big, nasty tank, but it can only attack from the front, so if you stay behind it (or run around while Katarina attacks it) then you should be fine. Defeating the annihilator will complete the quest "Octopod Annihilator" and earn you 333 xp, 3500 gp, and a Scroll of Restoration on normal, or 6000 xp, 35,000 gp, and a Scroll of Restoration on veteran.

The main difficulty with the third wave is that you'll need to cover the retreat of the Resistance. That means you'll need to prevent Harker's troops from entering the sewers (#2). If all of the Resistance soldiers at the sewers entrance die, then Harker will block the exit and you'll fail the quest. But either way, at the end of the quest you'll automatically be transported to the Secret Lair.

  • Normal: 1111 xp / 2 Skill Points / 2 Skill Points for Katarina / Epic Artifact
  • Veteran: 20,000 xp / 2 Skill Points / 2 Skill Points for Katarina / Epic Artifact

1 - Base Camp

2 - Sewers Entrance