Side Quest: Ornithopter Control Station

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You'll receive this quest from Captain Lugov (#1) after completing the quest The First Wave.


Lugov will suggest that it might be a good idea to destroy the nearby ornithopter launch tower before the next attack wave appears. To do this, you'll need to commandeer an engineer (#2). The first engineer will come with you willingly, but if he dies, then the next one will think better of the plan, and he'll just give you an Automated Toolbox so you can do the job yourself.

To destroy the launch tower, you'll need to visit the three control stations (#3) surrounding it. If the engineer is with you, then he'll automatically overload the stations. Otherwise, you'll need to click on the launch controller that you'll find at each station. Once all three control stations have been overloaded, the tower will blow up, and it'll stop producing ornithopters.

Note: You'll only be able to complete this quest before the second wave of attacks.


1 - Captain Lugov

2 - Engineers

3 - Control Stations