Side Quest: The Elite Guard

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You'll receive this quest from the spy Von Stierlitz in the Merchant District (#1).


While telling you about Harker's set-up in the district, the spy will mention that there is a garrison of troops on the western side, and that things would go easier for you if you were to take it out. To do this, he'll suggest that you disable the two generators on the roof of the Bank of Borgova (#2), which will lower the force wall (#3) protecting the vents of the garrison building (#4). This will allow you to inject poisonous gas into the building, killing the troops inside.

If you follow the spy's suggestion, then you'll complete the quest and make the quest Beginning of the End easier, but you won't receive a reward.

Note: If you approach Harker's headquarters building (#5) before poisoning the vents, then you'll fail the quest.

1 - Spy

2 - Generators

3 - Force Wall

4 - Vents

5 - Headquarters Building Approach