Main Quest: Prologue

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You'll begin the game stuck under a rock (#1) -- the result of the explosion shown at the end of the first game. However, soon enough a mysterious figure in a mask will free you, and he'll recommend that you flee from the building you're in, since it's in the process of collapsing. Katarina won't trust your new ally, but he'll call you "the great liberator of Borgova," so he can't be all bad.

If you created a new character for the game, then the first thing you should do is loot the nearby rubble piles. Inside you'll find some basic equipment and potions. Picking them up will complete the "gather your equipment" objective.

As you follow the hallway to the north, you'll come under attack a few times, but you and Katarina should be able to handle the battles easily. If you need to, you can change how Katarina behaves. She can focus on melee combat or ranged combat, or she can stay a ghost and not help at all (which will give you 10% damage reduction). You can also set Katarina to pick up certain items, like gold piles and "white" equipment.

As you make your way through the map, you'll meet up with your ally a couple more times. He'll reveal that he was a prisoner of Fulmigati's, and that he wears a mask to hide "deformations and the scars." He'll also choose a name by which you can call him: Prisoner Seven.

To complete the quest, you'll need to reach the device that is preventing you from leaving the area (#2), and defeat the enemies that you'll encounter there. This will allow you to use the exit gate (Exit B) and head to Viaduct Junction, where you'll trigger your next quest.

"A storm is coming, Van Helsing. You may find that your work is far from done."

1 - Starting Point

2 - Device

  1. One-way ink gate.
  2. Exit gate.