Side Quest: Evacuating the Injured

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You'll automatically receive this quest from Prisoner Seven at the conclusion of the quest Vlados in Trouble.


For this quest you'll need to talk to a triage officer (#1), and then escort him to the entrance to the sewers (#2). You'll come under attack during the trip, but from what we can tell, the triage officer can't be damaged, and he'll wait for you if you lag behind, so the quest should not be very difficult.

Note: You'll only be able to complete this quest before the third wave of attacks.

  • Normal: 333 xp / 1000 gp / Rare Hat, Headgear or Mask
  • Veteran: 6000 xp / 10,000 gp / Rare Hat, Headgear or Mask

1 - Triage Officer

2 - Sewer Entrance