Side Quest: Gate of Perun

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You'll receive this quest from an Adept of Perun in the Giantwoods (#1).


The adept will tell you that he opened a Gate of Perun, but that now frost spirits are pouring out of it, and he can't contain them. He'll then ask you for help, and he'll offer you a Giant Moonstone so you can close the gate. You'll need three moonstones to complete one of the secrets for Chapter 1, but closing the gate will break one of the seals in the area.

To complete the quest, you'll need to head over to the gate (#2) and defeat a bunch of Ice Daemons there. Then when you click on the gate, you'll be given two options for what to do with it. If you leave the gate open, then you'll fail the quest, but you'll avoid breaking a seal. If you close the gate, then you'll complete the quest, and the Ice Daemons will stop appearing.


1 - Adept of Perun

2 - Gate of Perun