Side Quest: Saving Private Bryan

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You'll receive this quest from Commander Petrov in Viaduct Junction (#1) after completing the quest The Second Wave.


Petrov will tell you that you need to save Private Bryan. To locate the private, you'll need to talk to his commanding officer (#2), who will tell you that he sent Bryan's squadron out to destroy a freight car filled with phlogiston gas (#3).

When you reach the freight car, you'll find Private Bryan there, wounded, and you'll learn that the rest of his squadron is dead. You'll also learn that Private Bryan isn't anything special -- except that the War Council just loves his chocolate cakes. "We should change sides, Van Helsing. I insist!"

After talking to Private Bryan, you'll need to escort him to the exit to the sewers (#4). You'll come under attack during the trip, but from what we can tell, the private can't be damaged, and he'll wait for you if you lag behind, so the escort should not be very difficult.

Note: You'll only be able to complete this quest before the third wave of attacks.

  • Normal: 555 xp / 2200 gp / Rare Artifact
  • Veteran: 10,000 xp / 22,000 gp / Rare Artifact

1 - Base Camp

2 - Resistance Captain

3 - Private Bryan

4 - Sewer Entrance