Side Quest: Ornithopter Control Tower

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This quest is easy to miss. After capturing the ornithopter control tower (#1) during the quest Enemy Strongpoint, General Harker will send some troops to try and take it back. If they succeed, then you'll receive this quest.


This quest is basically just a repeat of Enemy Strongpoint. That is, you'll need to clear out the four groups of enemies (#2) who are holding the control tower. The enemies will be basic cannon fodder without any champions or bosses to help them out, and so the task should be straightforward. As far as we can tell, the troops won't ever reactivate the control tower, and so there isn't any need to rush back and defeat them.

  • Normal: 4477 xp / 1500 gp
  • Veteran: 25,000 xp / 15,000 gp

1 - Ornithopter Control Tower

2 - Enemy Troops