Main Quest: The Second Wave

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After completing the quest The First Wave, when you talk to Commander Petrov (#1) again, you'll be able to trigger this quest. As was the case before, you'll get two options when talking to Petrov. You can allow him to give orders to the Resistance soldiers, or you can talk to the second line captains (#2) yourself. Once again, we didn't notice any particular difference with the orders, so say whatever seems best to Petrov and the captains. The second wave will start when you tell Petrov that you're ready, or when you give him command over the troops.

The second wave will be a little bit tougher than the first wave, primarily because Harker will start using his artillery against you. You'll be shown the spots where the artillery shells will land, so if you keep moving, you should be fine. Just try not to stand around your Resistance soldiers, or else the artillery shells will wipe them out quickly. Katerina probably won't take much damage, because she'll change back to ghost form when you're not fighting, and she can't be damaged in that form.

The quest will end when the second wave has been defeated.

  • Normal: 807 xp / 1300 gp / 2 Attribute Points / Rare Amulet, Armor, or Ring
  • Veteran: 15,000 xp, 13,000 gp / 2 Attribute Points / Rare Amulet, Armor, or Ring

1 - Base Camp

2 - Captains