Main Quest: Resistance Elite

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You'll receive this quest from Commander Petrov in the Secret Lair (#1).


Petrov will inform you that the War Council has "decided to entrust you with the training of the elite soldiers," and he'll invite you to meet the three captains who have been placed under your command. You'll then need to talk to the captains, who you'll find standing around the table next to Petrov. The captains will introduce themselves, but you're not required to remember what they say. You'll see their skills summarized each time you start a mission. See the Resistance Missions section for more information.

To complete the quest, you'll need to send one of the captains on the Thor's Hammer mission. The best choice for this is Ivan Tsarevich.

"Wait. Is this is a punishment or a reward?"

  • Normal: 277 xp / 500 gp
  • Veteran: 5000 xp / 5000 gp

1 - Commander Petrov