Location: Secret Lair

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1 - Trophy Desk

The trophy desk will allow you to display trophies, which will give you bonuses and penalties. You won't be able to use the trophy desk until you reach Level 31. See the Trophy Desk section for more information.

2 - Vasily Mechanov

Vasily will appear here after you've completed the quest Ancient Clock in Chapter 1. He'll allow you to break down items for runes, and then use those runes to craft new items. You won't be able to break down any item with a level requirement under 31.

3 - Commander Petrov / Command Post

This is where you'll meet Commander Petrov. He'll give you several quests during the campaign. Right next to Petrov you'll find your command post, where you'll be able to organize Resistance missions. See the Resistance Missions section for more information.

4 - Nicola Telsa

Telsa will appear here after you've rescued him during the quest The Prisoner in Chapter 1. He'll allow you to combine items together to forge new items.

5 - Dr. Dampf

Dr. Dampf is an alchemist. He'll allow you to insert and extract essences from items.

6 - Storage Chest

This is where you can store excess items. All of your characters (except for your hardcore characters) will have access to this chest.

7 - Chimera

You'll gain a chimera at the end of the quest Legend of the Chimera in Chapter 2. This is where you'll be able to feed it and send it hunting.

8 - Matthias

Matthias will sell you a large variety of items, including rare items.

9 - Aerial Transmitter

The transmitter will send you messages from time to time, and you'll be able to hear it regardless of where you are.

10 - Arkady

Arkady will sell you a few high quality items, including potions when you reach the veteran campaign.

11 - Todor Schimko

Todor is the gambling merchant. He'll allow you to spend money for a random prize.

12 - Gaspar and Saffi

Gaspar will allow you to reset your (and Katarina's) attributes and skills, and also reset your perks. Saffi will enchant items for you.

  1. Sewer entrance.
  2. Ink gate.