Location: Drainage Tunnels

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1 - Elevator

2 - Vault Guardian

The guardian will drop Da Vinci's Master Plan when it dies. Da Vinci's Master Plan is one of the secrets for the chapter.

3 - Old Crates

In one of the crates here, you'll find Tell's Appleshooter Bow, a relic for the Resistance captains in the Secret Lair. The bow is also a secret.

4 - Warden

At this spot you'll have to battle a Warden and three Bedlam Behemoth Champions. The Warden will drop a Bronze Cell Key when it dies. The key will allow you to open the nearby cell doors (including #5 and #6).

5 - Beggar's Cell

If you pay the beggar 100 gp, then he'll give you the quest Prisoners and reveal the exit to the Holding Facility (Exit B).

6 - Nicola Telsa's Cell

You'll need to rescue Telsa for the quest The Prisoner. After completing the quest, Telsa will head over to the Secret Lair and position himself at the artifact forge, where you'll be able to craft new items.

  1. Exit to the Secret Lair.
  2. Exit to the Holding Facility.
  3. Ink gate.