Location: Holding Facility

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1 - Decontaminator

The Decontaminator will drop an Iron Cell Key when it dies. You'll need this key to open the cells in the prison.

2 - Prisoners

You'll need to rescue these prisoners for the quest Prisoners.

3 - Dr. Lecter's Cell

You'll find Dr. Lecter in this cell. If you let him go, then you'll encounter him again in the Merchant District in Chapter 3, and you'll get to fight him. You'll also discover the Mask of the Cannibal in a crate in his cell. The mask is one of the secrets for the chapter.

4 - Ivan Stephanovic-Hyde's Cell

If you release Ivan, then he'll attack you and drop Dr. Jekyll's Tincture when he dies. The tincture is one of the secrets for the chapter.

  1. Exit to the Drainage Tunnels.